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"Great Service, Tony makes even the most anti computer people in the world understand how they work, including me!"
Rod Baber - Director Head4Heights

"I have been extremely happy with the service Tony has provided, if I have any problems he has always responded quickly. His computer knowledge is incredible, I would recommed him to anyone looking for an honest, reliable, computer expert."
Emily Comber

"Tony is a competent IT professional with a difference - he knows how to communicate, with patience and good humour, with those of us for whom IT matters are a mystery. He has helped us out of many scrapes, and we value his advice and support."
Dirk Pretorious - Director Workspirit

"Compucure and in particular, Tony Leather provide a truly excellent service. For over 10 years I have relied on him for advice, service and software set up all over the world. I never leave home without his phone number!"
Martin Turner - Executive Producer, Rugby Union, Sky Sports

"The best thing about Tony is that he understands that not everyone else shares his knowledge or enthusiasm about computers. He's brilliant at helping the timid and the stupid like me. He doesn't patronise but tells you what you need to know and doesn't waste time telling you what you don't need to know."
Nick Luxmoore (Psychotherapist and Author)

"This is the sort of calm and efficient computer service that anyone working on their own absolutely needs; Tony is always reassuring and you feel better as soon as he arrives - and, this is important, he arrives promptly."
Sue Comber

"Tony has looked after three computers for me for about 4 years. He is always very prompt in getting to you in person or on the phone. Nothing has yet defeated him and I am very happy with the service we have had"
PD Chipping Norton

"In my experience, Tony is so happy and willing to help, that it's almost difficult to ask! I always feel I shouldn't be bothering him because of my ignorance. His help is given with great warmth and charm - and it always solves the problems. "
Maureen Ross - Tour Consultant

"Tony has been looking after my computers for very many years now and his advice, service and reliability would be hard to equal. His IT knowledge is encyclopaedic, but most of all he is such a very nice chap to deal with"
Micheal Lear. Property Consultant

"Tony Leather has been our technology guide and support for five years or more. He's never failed to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. He periodically gives our two computors an "MOT" cleanup. And he often throws in OJT (on the job training) so I can now usually solve the simpler problems myself."
Eric Reynal

"My business would collapse if it weren't for Tony Leather. He knows that I will never understand what he's talking about so he sidesteps that problem and just sorts me out! You shout help and he's there- what more could you ask for?"
Robert Boswell, Design Consultant

"Tony is a wonderful resource to have at the end of a phone and email. He responds promptly, is knowledgeable, reasonably priced and keen to teach rather than just keep the mysteries of the computer to himself. He always seems to sort any problem out – from resetting a locked password to virtually re-building my PC after a neighbours son who “knew all about computers” had a look at mine and wrecked it!"
Jane Seymour - Psychotherapist

"Knowing what to do when everything goes pear-shaped is impossible for a layman working on other topics. Its very helpful having a real computer-buff willing and able to sort out the problems at the end of a phone."
C.S: Kingham

"I have never found Tony unable to resolve any of my computer problems. He is also able to explain lucidly how the solution was achieved unlike many gurus who proceed so swiftly one cannot understand what is happening and therefore one does not learn."
John Latham